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Member Profile: Liz Ellis

  • Member Profile: Liz Ellis

    In our regular ‘Member Profile’ feature, we put one of our Collective members in the spotlight, learning a little more about their experience, careers and roles within the Collective.

    39758_422021104547_1345485_nLiz Ellis is a founding member of the WLC and one of our Company Directors.

    Q. Your areas of expertise include project management, showcalling and conference production. Could you explain a little about what your roles involve?

    These roles are all about working with clients and presenters to deliver excellent communication pieces. All aspects of my job centre around ensuring my client’s objectives are met – through quality content and a good event format and excellent delivery. I ensure this is all achieved in a timely, efficient and value driven way

    Q. Tell us a little about your early career – how did you get started?

    I trained as a stage manager and worked in the theatre originally. There, I learnt about production management, how to call a show, organisation and – importantly –  how deal with people. I worked in the West End on large musicals, as Production Coordinator for Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Really Useful Theatre Company’ and later as Head of Show Administration for The Millennium Dome – Central Show and other events.

    I started working in corporate events in 1989 as a showcaller, gradually developing my work to involve content development and direction. My organisational and project management skills, honed over the whole of my 25 year working life, are equally applicable to the corporate world as they were to theatre production.

    In another life, what other job could you see yourself doing?

    I would always be an organiser, I think. I love working with young people, which I do as a volunteer for The Prince’s Trust. I am also very involved in my local village, where I use my skills to raise funds and help organise activities and events for our little community. I find this very rewarding and in another life maybe I would have worked in the voluntary sector.

    When you’re not not working hard onsite, how do you like to unwind?

    I love spending time in my garden (pottering rather than heavy duty digging). I also enjoy walking my dog and exploring the Yorkshire countryside.

    Why was forming the WLC important for you?

    I have met so many people throughout my career who are exceptionally talented and amazing professionals, with a genuine passion for their work and ethics similar to my own. This is an industry which thrives and succeeds on the back of the accumulated years and vast experience of freelancer practitioners.  WLC gives me the option to work with great people, have access to amazing ideas and talent and deliver exceptional projects. All alongside people I respect and with whom I share so much common understanding and aspirations.

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